Below you will find several “Quick Tip” videos to assist in troubleshooting any issues you may have with your Crux™.  Also, for a PDF of the Quick Start Guide, click here.  For further assistance, feel free to contact or call 855-660-2789.

Current Issues:

  • The red charging light should turn off once the battery is fully charged.  If, in some instances, the light does not turn off, you can be assured that your battery is fully charged after approximately two hours and should last for one month for most users.
  • When you update your iPad® to iOS® 6, it will render the “lock” hotkey in the upper right hand corner of your Crux360™ unusable.  However, the “blank screen” hotkey directly above the “4″ & “5″ keys provides the same functionality.


  • Once you see the green (or blue for CruxSKUNK) light flash once – your Crux360™ is powered on and ready for you to push the Bluetooth® button (see the power on, pairing, & power off video below) and pair your iPad®.


CruxSKUNK­™ – Inserting Your iPad®

CruxSKUNK­™ – Pairing with the iPad®

CruxSKUNK­™ – Charging the Battery

CruxSKUNK­™ – Using the Hinge

CruxSKUNK­™ – Charging Your iPad®